Create an entire event including branding, collateral, and venue design.
The event type I chose to design for was a zine fest. Zine fests are very informal expositions of zines, which are short, handmade booklets that can range from literature, to photography, to art, or anything else one can put into booklet form and print yourself. Zine fests embody the concept of DIY (do it yourself) very thoroughly. From the process of making the zines, to the people and groups that participate, to the way the events are coordinated and set up, everything is very "do it yourself". This is the antithesis of everything clean, corporate, and professional. Uniqueness and the human touch is very much embraced in these spaces. 
The concept of DIY was emphasized visually and incorporated into every aspect of the design system.
Everything designed is very minimalist and flat. What little text there is, is either hand written, or using a typeface that resembles a typewriter and fits this aesthetic. To fit with the high contrast nature of zine color schemes, I used black as the base color for most assets, and chose three vibrant, attention grabbing colors that worked together and just looked good. For any images used, I posterized them so they were very high contrast, so that when combined with the colors used, it looks like the assets in this system could have been offset printed, screen printed, or printed in some other way that contains the human touch. 
I chose the name Autonomous to represent the independent nature of zines and zine culture. This is further reflected in how the A form was drawn. Having wanted the logo to look like it was linocut printed, I sketched it roughly on some paper with a sharpie then took a photo of it and brought it into illustrator where I played with the figure-ground relations. I then wrote in the word "Autonomous" on my drawing tablet to get the hand written type style that complements the A form and the aesthetic of this project as a whole.
With the risograph printing look in mind, I chose colors that were vibrant and attention-grabbing, then I played around with tints until I settled on the final scheme. I personally love tertiary colors, so the mint blue and coral pink were really satisfying to me visually, and they bring to mind all the vibrant screen printed and offset printed posters I've seen throughout my life.
A free convention zine was designed, highlighting the many events and experiences one might discover while attending the zine fest.
These icons reflect the main logo in appearance, looking very hand drawn or hand printed to further emphasize the concept of DIY. They represent various aspects of zine fests, such as printing methods, the zines themselves, and common amenities found at most public events.
For brand continuity, these tables were designed based off of the A form of the main logo. However, I also positioned the tables in such a way to where the foot traffic can flow along smoothly, zig-zagging from one table to another. The two designed kiosks are also based off the A form to create repetition and brand recognition. One kiosk is found at the back of the venue containing the free convention zines, while the other is found in front of the venue containing information regarding where to find different things, and also containing branding assets and imagery.
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